Quarterly Report (1st of October, 2009 - 31st of December, 2009)


Andras Horanyi, C-SRNWP PM
Hungarian Meteorological Service
1024 Budapest, Kitaibel Pal utca 1., Hungary


28 February 2010

1. Headlines

The programme had been continued on the basis of the elements built in the previous periods especially as regards the eight Expert Teams and the Advisory Committee. The conclusions of the annual EWGLAM/SRNWP meeting were drawn and the reports of the meetings were compiled and distributed. Based on the initiative of the Expert Team on "surface and soil process (model and data assimilation)" several Services were approached in order to ask permission to obtain observational data from their specific sites for validating land-surface schemes of the SRNWP models. All the annual contribution fees were paid until the end of the year.

2. Status of programme targets

The main activity of the C-SRNWP programme is the coordination between the five LAM Consortia in Europe (ALADIN, COSMO, HIRLAM, LACE and Met Office). The coordination is ensured by the eight Expert Teams (data assimilation and use of observations; diagnostics, validation and verification; dynamics and lateral boundary coupling; link with applications; physical parameterization: upper air; predictability and EPS; surface and soil processes: model and data assimilation; system aspects) established in 2008 and the regular contacts between the members of the SRNWP Advisory Committee. Beside that two SRNWP-related programmes (responsible member: Met Office) are ongoing (their reports are prepared independently): SRNWP-I (Interoperability) and SRNWP-V (Verification).

2.1. Expert Team issues

The Expert Teams continued their activities based on their respective workplans (which are available at the srnwp.met.hu webpage of the SRNWP programme). The Expert Team on "surface and soil processes (model and data assimilation)" initiated to collect observational data at various sites of Europe (Lindenberg in Germany, Capofiume in Italy, Cabauw in the Netherlands, Payerne in Switzerland, Toulouse in France and Sodankylaa in Finland) for the thorough validation of the SRNWP models' surface schemes. The C-SRNWP Programme Manager compiled and sent a letter to the respective Directors for asking the permission for the use of the observational data for validation purposes. All answers were positive and the work had been started to collect the data and build an interface for their access.

2. SRNWP Advisory Committee issues

The SRNWP Advisory Committee continued its activities through correspondence.

2.3 Links with the partners

The contribution fees were collected from all the members.

3. Communication and cooperation

The Programme Manager attended several meetings on behalf of the programme, which were as follows:

4. Benefits Delivery

None so far.

5. Financial report

date 31 December 2009
Income and Expenditure Statement
Revenue Year to date Forecast revenue to end of year   Next year's revenue budget
1 Contributions from participating members €35200 € 35200   € 34800
Total revenue to date €35200   Total Nxt Yr € 34800
Total Revenue to End of Year   € 35200    
Expenditure Year to date Forecast expenditure to end of year   Next year's expenditure budget
1 Staff costs € 30000 € 30000   € 30000
2 PM travel & subsistence € 6828 € 6828   € 5000
Total expenditure to date: € 36 828   Total Nxt Yr € 35000
Total Expenditure to end of Yr   € 36828    
Surplus / Deficit to date -€ 1628      
Surplus / Deficit at end of year   -€ 1628    

6. Risks and issues

None to report.

7. Programme change requests to Council

None to request.

8. Outlook for rest of the year

Not applicable.