Quarterly report: third quarter of 2008 (July-September, 2008)

The most important activity of the third quarter of 2008 was the full “activation” of the Expert Teams of SRNWP. Based on the proposals of the SRNWP Advisory Committee the Expert Teams were asked to update their respective workplans. The updated workplans are put on the webpage of the programme (srnwp.met.hu). Beside that the Expert Teams had essential role in the compilation of the annual EWGLAM/SRNWP meeting (to be held in Madrid at the beginning of October), therefore lots of discussions were realised in order to compile the best possible scientific sessions of the meeting.

Unfortunately until the original deadline no proposal reached the Coordinating Office regarding the accepted SRNWP Verification Programme. It was decided after discussing the issue with the Executive Director that the deadline should be extended and the C-SRNWP Programme Manager made further efforts to convince members to apply for becoming responsible member of the programme.

As far as administrative matters are concerned the contracts of the C-SRNWP programme was proposed and officially sent to the contributing members of the programme (all the EUMETNET members plus Romania and Slovakia). At the same time the invoices for the 2008 contribution fees were also submitted.