Report 2007 qrt2: April - June

Main event

At its 30th Meeting (12-13 April 2007 in Aberdeen), the EUMETNET Council took three important decisions for the future of the NWP in Europe.

1. The third phase of the SRNWP Programme (2008-2011) has been accepted with the new governance proposed in the Proposal:creation of an Advisory Committee and of scientific Working Groups. On the other hand, Council has not accepted to enhance the function of Programme Manager to a full time job: it remains officially a 30% job.

2. The Proposal for the creation of a new EUMETNET Programme for Interoperability between the European numerical forecasting systems has been accepted as described in the Proposal.

3. The start of the Programme 'European LAM-EPS' has been postponed for an indefinite time.

Other works and Remark

The Programme Manager has started the preparation - together with the NMS of Croatia - of the next EWGLAM/SRNWP Meetings (8-11 October, Dubrovnik). It is the duty of the Programme Manager to organise the 'SRNWP Business Meeting', which is the official annual meeting of the Programme.

Many pages of the Programme web site were out of date. This has been rectified for many of them. This work is still in progress. Since several years, the web site shows a very constant use of 9-10 hits a day in average.

It has been a short quarter for the Programme Manager, who has been out of office for more than 3 weeks in total: vacations and a (minor) health problem.


Annual Meeting 2007 of the EUCOS Scientific Advisory Team

14-15 May, ECMWF.

The presentation of the results of the 'Space-Terrestrial Study' has been the principal topic of discussion. It has been shown that the largest single impact in data assimilation (and subsequent forecasts) is given by the upper air soundings. They still bring an improvement when all the terrestrial and space components are considered.