C-SRNWP 2006-qrt2 report

Report 2006-2: April - June

Main point

At its 27th Meeting (4-6 April, Toulouse), the EUMETNET Council has adopted all the recommendations made by the Working Group of the Workshop 'A Vision for NWP in Europe'. These recommendations have been classified in 6 themes. The SRNWP Programme Manager has started work for the realisation of the propositions of the theme 'Quick Wins':

Conferences and Workshops

11-12 May, ECMWF: E-SAT Meeting 2006 (E-SAT = EUCOS - Scientific Advisory Team).

At this meeting, the SRNWP Co-ordinator presented to the participants

Resolution 1:
Strategy of EUCOS II (2007-2011).

The Resolution could not be accepted by E-SAT as the strategy proposed by the SRNWP Programme does not fit with the PB-OBS recommendations and the decisions taken by Council at its 27th Meeting. The SRNWP Coordinator continues to think that for EUCOS the concentration on the synoptic scale only is no longer sufficient and that the mesoscale should be added to the Programme.

Resolution 2:
Coding and dissemination of the upper air soundings in BUFR code next to the TEMP code.

Although recommended by the

it is disappointing to see that the upper air soundings are still disseminated only with the antiquated TEMP code which does not allow the precision needed by the mesoscale models (time of the measurements, spatial and temporal resolutions).

Resolution 3:
Radar compositing

The decision taken at the 23rd Council Meeting to forbid development work for European radar composite in the frame of the OPERA Programme has been subsequently relaxed by Council:compositing development work is now allowed for data quality purposes and is in progress at the Meteorological Office. SRNWP is satisfied and no further demand or action is presently planed.

17-18 May, Sofia (Bulgaria):Third SRNWP Workshop on Mesoscale Verification

This workshop took place in Sofia simultaneously with the HIRLAM All Staff Meeting 2006 and the 16th ALADIN Workshop. This has allowed the participants to have contacts with colleagues of the two other meetings and HIRLAM/ALADIN colleagues to attend some presentations on verification.

20-22 June, Paris: First Workshop on Remote Sensing and Modelling of Surface Properties

This workshop jointly organized by the 'Observatoire de Paris' and NOAA/NESDIS has been characterized by a large participation of US and Canadian scientists and a rather week participation of the European NMS.

The meeting was centred on the determination by satellite of the soil emissivities and skin temperatures in order to use with the highest possible accuracy the soil sensitive satellite channels for temperature and humidity profiling over land.

As this meeting has been very stimulating, it has been decided to re-conduct it in two year time, very probably in the USA.

Outlook July - December 2006

Main points
Conferences and Workshops