Report 2005-3: July - August - September


Jean Quiby, C-SRNWP Programme Manager

Participation at Conferences at Workshops

COSMO annual meeting

The Co-ordinator attended during two days the Annual Meeting 2005 of the Consortium COSMO which took place the 20-23 September in Zurich, organised by MeteoSwiss.

This Consortium has re-organised the way it used to work: it has significantly reduced the number of its projects and has defined a tighter controlling.

During this Meeting, a collaboration in the field of Short-range EPS has been finalised between the INM (the NMS of Spain) and COSMO: the INM will also use for its multi-model EPS the Local Model (which is the model of the COSMO Consortium) and COSMO will have access to the results.


13 European NWS - many of them accompanied by a University as sub-partner - have decided to participate to a second submission of the STORMNET Project whose aim is the training of young scientists in very high resolution NWP in a 'Research and Training Network' (one of the instruments of the Marie Curie Actions).

As for the first submission, Meteo-France has been the proposer. The dead-line for the submission of the proposal was the 28th of September.

Care has been taken to remodel the weak points of the first proposal (the transfer of knowledge was too weak and the research supervision not clear).

Preparation of the SRNWP Annual Meeting

Many interactions took place with the Environmental Agency of Slovenia which will organise this year's EWGLAM/SRNWP Meetings. A large time-slot has been foreseen to discuss the format of these Annual Meetings: is it still adequate?

For the SRNWP Business Meeting Session, the Co-ordinator will present to the delegates the following Agenda:

Work has progressed in the following two Actions:

OUTLOOK October-November 2005