Report 2005-qrt2: April - June


Jean Quiby, C-SRNWP Programme Manager


8th July 2005


The Project Manager participated to and, for some, co-organised the following SRNWP Workshops:

First SRNWP PEPS Workshop, April 6, Bologna (Italy)

This Workshop showed that this Project is progressing well.

On the scientific side, two main developments remain to be done:

On the administrative side, several contacts have been taken with ECOMET for the set-up of an algorithm determining the selling price of the PEPS forecasts as well as the financial returns for the participating NWS.

Second SRNWP Workshop on Short-range EPS, 7-8 April, Bologna (Italy)

This Workshop assembled more than 70 scientists and was characterised by a very high scientific level. All the oral presentations and all the posters can be found in the web site of the SRNWP Programme as well as the List of Participants and a first version of the report of the final discussion. This report will be extended in the course of the summer to become the Workshop Report.

EUCOS, Scientific Advisory Team (E-SAT) Meeting, 24-25 May, ECMWF

This was an important meeting. Detailed minutes will be made available by EUCOS.

Almost all the issues discussed are relevant for the NWP data assimilation, in priority for the synoptic scale. (In the future, it will be necessary for EUCOS to also consider the specific needs of the high-resolution NWP, as the operational models of the large majority of the EUCOS Members are aiming at that resolution as well as at resolutions of a few km).

Actions for the SRNWP Programme:

Third SRNWP Workshop on Statistical and Dynamical Adaptation of Model Results, 1-2 June, Vienna (Austria)

This meeting, opened by the Director of the ZAMG, has been attended by scientists of 14 European countries plus Canada.

The main scientific features of this Workshop were:

An extended report of the meeting as well as all the presentations will be made available on the web site of the SRNWP Programme in July.

15th ALADIN Workshop, 6-10 June 2005, Bratislava (Slovakia)

About 70 scientists for the largest part from the ALADIN and HIRLAM Consortia attended this important meeting in view of the deep collaboration these two Consortia have embarked on. ALADIN and HIRLAM planed to jointly develop their next very high resolution non-hydrostatic operational model.

Numerous presentations covered all the NWP aspects (dynamics, physics, the different interfacing issues, data assimilation, etc). Next to the scientific presentations, WG parallel sessions have also been held to discuss technical/practical issues.

Outlook 3rd Quarter 2005

Work on the different actions presently in planning or in progress: