Report 2005-qrt1: January - March


Jean Quiby, C-SRNWP Programme Manager

In the period 24-26 January took place at the University of Tartu in Estonia a Hirlam-Aladin Workshop - with the other Consortia also invited - on cloud micro-physical processes and on convection. Also very important in NWP, these two topics are rarely objects of workshops. More than 30 scientists took part in this event which allowed them to get a clear picture of the state of art in these two domains.

The presentations and the reports of the two working groups (micro-physics and convection) will be published in the series 'HIRLAM Workshop Report'.

The SRNWP PEPS Project (EPS for precipitations made from the operational model results of some 12-15 European NWS is progressing very well.

The First SRNWP-PEPS Workshop will take place in Bologna the 6th of next April.

The Programme Manager had the 18th of February a discussion with the Swiss ECOMET Representative. Reason: How should we define a price for these forecasts and how should we determine the financial return for each participating NWS? (We already have a private customer).

In our view, it is a matter for ECOMET to solve this problem and the solution should follow the strategy already applied for the commercialization of the radar composits: a 'formula' assigning weights to the different relevant factors has to be defined.


Two SRNWP Workshops will take place in the second quarter of this year:

7-8 April in Bologna: Second Workshop on Short-Range EPS:
About 70 scientists have registered. 17 European NWS will be represented (plus ECMWF, US Weather Service, Environment Canada and China).

1-3 June in Vienna: 3rd Workshop on statistical and dynamical adaptation of model results.