Quarterly Report 2004-qrt2 (1st of April - 30th of June 2004)


Jean Quiby, C-SRNWP Programme Manager

Participation as Representative of the C-SRNWP Programme at the 2004 EUCOS SAT Meeting (SAT = Scientific Advisory Team) which took place the 18-19 May at the ECMWF. The main points of the agenda were the EUCOS Operational Programme and the draft of the Surface Marine Network Design presented by the E-SURFMAR Programme.

Following the invitation of the IABM (International Association of Broadcast Meteorology), presentation at the 'First World Conference on Broadcast Meteorology' (3-5 June 2004 in Barcelona) of a talk with the following title: Progress in Limited Area Modelling and the Challenges of the Future.

Active participation (introductory talk and chairman of the final discussion) at the 'Second SRNWP Mesoscale Verification Workshop'which has been hold at the KNMI the 14th and 15th of June 2004.

The invoices for the 2004 remittances have been sent to the 20 Members of the C-SRNWP Programme with the same amounts as for the year 2003.